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Designed to last a lifetime.

“Millwork” encompasses a wide variety of architectural details including trim, molding, door and window casings, cabinetry and more.
We work with individuals, architects, contractors, commercial builders and designers to bring custom projects to life. Many of our clients know exactly what they want. They come to us with a specific style or design, they have the measurements down to the centimeter, and they know the wood species they want and the finish that they would like us to achieve. However, other clients have a general idea of what they are looking for and they rely on our design team to help them find something that works.

Every major project begins with a design, sketch or inspiration and is then carefully drawn and modeled by our design and engineering team. This allows us to preview what the real thing will look like, make changes, and add detail. Our programmers have the experience to create your project in a virtual, 3D world, and then program our CNC machine to replicate each part of your design. 


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