Cache River Mill & MetalWork Videos

Cache River Mill & MetalWorks is a custom wood and metal shop located in Little Rock, Arkansas. We work with individuals, architects, contractors, commercial builders and designers to bring custom projects to life. Whether you need a custom piece of furniture for that blank spot in your dining room, or you need help with the millwork portion of your large commercial project, let us be your wood and metal shop.

Here's a look behind the scenes.


Take a ride on our Felder Group Format4 Profit H50 5-Axis CNC Machine as we show you how we created a four and a half foot accent window out of MDF.


 Our 5-Axis CNC Machine here at Cache River Mill & MetalWorks is extremely precise. This video features various tool changes as the machine shapes a perfect orb out of a rectangular block of black walnut and maple. The video is run in real time.


We do a lot of custom pieces here at Cache River Mill & MetalWorks. This is a quick video of how we made one of four brass feet for a custom set of table legs. The brass comes in round bars, and we custom cut and shape the material per the customer's specifications.


 Cache River Mill & MetalWorks proudly runs a 5-axis CNC machine. The Felder Group Profit H50 5-Axis CNC Machine gives us a huge advantage when it comes to complex projects. Take a look at this time lapse of a skull that we recently did.


Here is a short video of our Felder Group Profit H50 5-axis CNC machine trimming out an orb from foam.


This time lapse is of a prototype chair leg that we completed on our Format 4 Profit H50 5-Axis CNC Machine here at Cache River Mill & MetalWorks.


We had a little fun with these custom corbels on our 5-axis CNC Machine. Our Cache River Mill & MetalWorks programmers and operators are capable of designing and machining almost any type of corbel you can imagine.