Cache River Mill & MetalWorks

Completely Custom

Cache River Mill is a custom mill and metal shop in Little Rock, Arkansas. Drawing inspiration from Arkansas' Cache River basin, which is known for its expansive and pristine hardwood, we use only the finest materials coupled with meticulous hand-fitted joinery and individual finishes.

Standard Dimensions

All of the products we offer are listed with standard dimensions. We came up with the dimensions for each piece during the design and prototype process when each item was first created. If you see a product that you absolutely love, but the standard dimensions do not work for you, please contact us. We can build almost anything to fit your needs.

It's All in the Details

Our craftsmen assemble each one of our products by hand. It is their attention to detail that makes every single piece special. Whether it is the initial design, the completed finish or any step along the way, you will see incredible characteristics that turn each piece into a quality heirloom that will last a lifetime.

Cache River Mill & MetalWorks 5-Axis CNC Machine
Cache River Mill & MetalWorks Grand Quincy Bar Detail

Experienced Craftsmen

Our meticulous craftsmen have been working with wood and metal in some form their entire lives. The years of experience in our shop translates to the beautiful features that you find on our products. In a world full of automation, we still take pride in assembling everything we build by hand.

One Stop Shop

Our shop is capable of handling almost any type of project imaginable. Whether you need a custom countertop, dining room table or mud bench for your home, or you are looking for headboards, night stands and dressers for every room in your hotel, we can take care of it. We work with individuals, architects, contractors, commercial builders and designers of every shape and size.

Cache River Mill & MetalWorks Wood Glue Clamp Rack
Cache River Mill & MetalWorks

Let us Help

Do you have a project in mind? Let us help you with it. We specialize in bringing your ideas to life. Why not get exactly what you want?