About Us

Cache River Mill & Metalworks bench-makes custom piece goods that will become heirlooms for your family. Drawing inspiration from Arkansas' Cache River basin, which is known for its expansive and pristine hardwood, we use only the finest woods coupled with hand-fitted joinery and individual finishes.

Cache River Mill & Metalworks luxury artisan furniture is one of a kind. We allow you to tailor the dimensions, select the types of wood and finish, and choose your style of hardware. 

Why not get exactly what you want?

Brian Felland, Artisan/Designer

Brian grew up in family that treasured family heirlooms from both Norwegian and German ancestors who had been avid woodworkers.  This and time spent in Grandpa's workshop coupled with poring over woodworking books formed his interests as a young man, so it was no surprise that when he entered the workforce, he soon became a contractor.  

As his business progressed, he built custom furniture from time to time with an emphasis on traditional joinery and custom finishes.  His reputation preceded him, and he was commissioned to build a winding staircase, three huge barrel dormers, a custom curved mahogany bar top finished to a mirror-like shine and several pieces of bespoke walnut and mahogany furniture, which remains among his favorite projects.  The commissioner-- Bryan Jeffrey.  

From there a partnership was born, and Cache River Mill & Metalworks came into being to bring to life their shared dream of creating real heirloom quality furniture with an eye for striking design, traditional joinery, solid wood, and beautiful finishes.

Bryan Jeffrey, Principal

Since childhood, Bryan has been intrigued by both woodworking and manufacturing processes.  He remembers using knowledge from a trade school to create walnut lamp bases and shadowing his dad who could fix anything. Through the years he has collected woodworking machinery and enjoyed the process of either doing those special projects or commissioning one of kind high-end pieces.

Although he became an attorney and now practices as a CPA, Bryan has remained very involved in the manufacturing and woodworking industries.  At one time, he was the owner of a door manufacturing plant in Little Rock, AR that shipped custom doors throughout the country.  After selling that business, he has set out on one far closer to his heart - and far more challenging:  Cache River Mill and Metal Works.

He and his business partner, Brian Felland, have develop Cache River into a brand of wood products unmatched in the industry, manufactured in the United States using attention to detail, traditional techniques and real wood that will create heirlooms for generations to come.